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Aerovol Captain

No job title in Terrassa confers the same amount of status as that of Aerovol Captain. The words evoke an impression of a lavish, heroic existence lived by only the most privileged and well traveled individuals in the world.



Years of Sailing Experience
Years of Study of Climatology, Aerodynamics, Strategy, and Magic

Career Progression

Nearly all Aerovol Captains start out as captains of sea based vehicles and have earned prestige through their roles captaining less expensive vessels.

Payment & Reimbursement

These individuals are always paid handsomely, allowing them to live extravagant lifestyles.

Other Benefits

There are many perks attached to this title. Traditionally closed and elite social circles will gladly invite these individuals to their events for the opportunity to be seen with and learn from these well traveled figures.



These well trained individuals are needed to lead the crews of the difficult to manage boats of the sky that are Aerovoles. Without leadership the well oiled machines that are the people in airship crews cannot function.

Social Status

Aerovol Captains enjoy a social status normally only enjoyed by the aristocracy in whichever society they love in.


Aerovol captains tend to either come from families with vast amounts of wealth to afford the relevant studies or from military backgrounds. Very few individuals in the world can meet the requirements set out by many of the nations who use Aerovols in official capacities.



The finest navigation and aeronautical instruments.

Provided Services

You can get these individuals to head an Aerovol Crew! Better bring a huge coin purse.

Dangers & Hazards

All crew members on Aerovols run very high risks, and must put a lot of trust into their captain to make effective decisions in the face of bad weather and difficult navigation.
Alternative Names
Air Ship Captain, Air Jockey
Low. Aerovols being relatively rare and expensive to create, the demand for their captains is minimal. That doesn't stop hopeful captains of other vessels attempting to learn the necessary skills to position themselves favorable should new positions arise
All Aerovols are operated by nations or powerful merchant guilds. No known rouge Aerovols are known to exist, therefor there are no Captains of illicit nature.
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