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Clockwork tinkerer



First of all, a Clockwork tinkerer needs to be a dwarf.

Secondly, the aspiring Clockwork tinkerer needs to be taught by the Clockwork Guild for five years before being allowed to call themselves a Clockwork tinkerer.

Payment & Reimbursement

The pay for a Clockwork tinkerer is above average as a base, with occasional bonuses if the project they work on is important and ordered by someone rich.

Other Benefits

The ttle of Clockwork tinkerer is a prestigious title to have in Elmazar, as well as in every dwarven settlement in the known world.



The Clockwork tinkerers are the only ones who are allowed to build and maintenance things within the clockwork technology. The technology is a well-kept secret, put together in a way that it would break apart if the device is opened in the wrong way to protect against reverse engineering. The Clockwork tinkerer is taught how to both open these devices as well as how to put them together again.

The Clockwork Gondola wouldn't be able to run without the constant maintenance by Clockwork tinkerers.


There are probably only 100-150 Clockwork tinkerers in total, most of these based in Elmazar.


Provided Services

A Clockwork tinkerer can produce clockwork gadgets and automatons, as well as fixing such creations if they break down.

Dangers & Hazards

Being a Clockwork tinkerer is generally considered a safe job, with very few getting seriously hurt or killed in work-related accidents. There are some minor injuries, and a couple eye injuries from springs shooting themselves or gears into an eye from time to time, but compared to other professions, the Clockwork tinkerers live a safe life.

Some of the Clockwork tinkerers working as maintenance crew on the Clockwork Gondola might fall down from the air tracks. A fall from these heights is usually fatal, or crippling.
Alternative Names
Clockwork engineer
Currently only used in Elmazar and on the Clockwork Gondola
Legal, but protected
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