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It was a tense moment. The giant block of polished marble was hovering over the highest point o fth elarge construction, Gerret and his men were working on for the past months. Now with the heavy sphere directly above it, threatening to crush down on all their work, the magnificent columns of stone and steel seemed way too fragile to hold.
Something caught his eye. One of the ropes holding the sphere seemd to grow longer. With a dreadful realization he watched the rope tear apart, the mass of the sphere no longer held in position. Shouting arose and men started to flee, as the tall figure of the Orchastratum stepped out of his cabin. He rose his arms and the sphere came to a halt. Afte ra moment of hesitation, he threw his left arm down and with a snap another rope tore. Carefully guiding the sphere down he lowered his arms. The men on the site relaxed visibly, as the construction came to a rest with a slight, grinding sound.
The Orchastratum casually inspected the result, then shoutet a view orders. The man began to stirr again. The tense moment was over, the project continues.
The Orchastratum are skilled engineers that oversee every major building project within the Imperium of Rhomedan. It was because of the work of these men and woman, that Rhomedan was able to construct marvellous monuments way earlier then any other nation around them. Not only are the Orchastratum required to study vigorously the concepts of mathmatics and architetcure, but they are also always highly trained wizards, capable of moving large objects with astonishing ease.
While mostly employed within the field of construction, some specialized Orchastratum are also working in other fields, for example agricultural engineering, the development of new construction tehcniques as well as creating effective siege engines.
An Orchastratum usually has full decision freedom concerning his current project. As they are all employed by the Imperial Ruler directly, they have the right to marshall any person and resources and are able to overrule any decisions by local governments, so long as they can believably justify it for the good of their project.


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