Archmagicians represent the apex of Modern Magic that can be wielded by a mortal. Each of them are an intensely powerful individuals, unique in their set of abilities, species, source of power and so on, each of them being a most valuable asset to Imperial Magic Guild and to Imperium of Karadia as a whole.   They are also extremely rare, with no more than 400 existing at all times within the massive population of Imperium of Karadia. At least officially. It is believed that there are more of them (up to a 1000, perhaps), but many of them remains unknown to the world, preferring to avoid being dragged into politics and focusing on living their lives surprisingly quietly.   They are all known for their magical power... and few more things. All of them have a 'descriptive' name (for example Firewing or Thorn), all of them have went through the procedure to bound their souls to their body, meaning that they can survive decapitation (since their soul won't leave the body unless it is properly disposed off to sever the connection).



To actually become an archmage, one firstly needs to become a mage. This means finishing a proper education course presented by Imperial University, or by being teached by some accepted magician (which is rarer and still requires passing exams).   Then one has to reach certain level of abilities and knowledge... and achieve the Soul Binding. It is an unknown ritual - or, perhaps, merely and end result of a much longer process - during which the magician's soul is bind to his body, granting him the supernatural resilience, powerful magic source and the improved control of his magic.



Archmagicians remain one of most valuable assets of today's civilizations. They are mortal races answer for archdaemons, powerful servile daemons, top level beasts and other threats like that. With proper preparations they are able to faced pretty much everything the world can throw at them.   Each of them, when sufficiently prepared, can level down a city or decimate an army. When surprised, they can be taken down by a well prepared group of top grade adventurers - or simply poisoned...

Social Status

Just beneath the kings and emperors.

Alternative Names
Archmages, Grand Magicians, Unawakened or Supreme Magicians


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