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Though many professions in the Kingdom of Sorrano are reputable, and many revered, there is none more respected than that of alchemist. Alchemists can be found in every settlement in the land, thanks in large part to the efforts of Stir & Swig and its leader Fallthra Ungart, though many of them have only a basic understanding and capability. Larger settlements, especially the Capital City of Kord, boast much finer alchemists who are capable of providing interested parties with concoctions that produce the most wondrous, and often disastrous, effects. Though the practice of poison manufacturing is widely frowned upon and discouraged, it is not illegal, as citizens use such poisons for accepted practices that include rodent control and hunting. That said, the Daggers employ their own in-house alchemist, Egart Stoutman, who has the skill, but not the soul, required to lead Stir & Swig.



Aspiring alchemists must be proficient in their understanding of both Medicine and Nature.

Career Progression

All sanctioned alchemists in the Kingdom of Sorrano have progressed through the ranks of Stir & Swig, branches of which can be found throughout the kingdom, but the main headquarters is located in Town of Myrefall.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment and reimbursement varies. Contract work pays an amount consistent with the labor and materials required, while an alchemist who works for an individual or organization may be paid a salary. In either case, even the most novice alchemist can make a very good living.

Other Benefits

Many alchemists prefer to do their own gathering of materials which adds the benefit of traveling to some wonderful places throughout the Kingdom of Sorrano.



The vast majority of alchemists provide healing and curing services to the populace while also providing simple poisons to assist with pest elimination and hunting. Some alchemists specialize in particular area of alchemy, such as curing diseases or negating the effects of poisons.

Social Status

There is no more prestigious profession in the Kingdom of Sorrano than that of alchemist.


Approximately 0.5% of the population is either a professional alchemist or has learned some meaningful aspects of the craft for their own, personal use.



Alchemists require expensive equipment to produce powerful potions and poisons, while more simple recipes call for the most basic of tools that can be found in nearly anyone's kitchen.


The practice of alchemy calls for a huge variety of materials, many of which come from plants, others of which are much stranger (including body parts of deadly and exotic creatures). Some components can cost hundreds of gold pieces for a single potion.


An alchemist's workplace often consists of a dizzying collection and connection of glass containers of all shapes and sizes.

Provided Services

Alchemists provide healing and curing services more than anything else, though some can create potions (and poisons) that produce more unusual effects in the imbiber.

Dangers & Hazards

Although Stir & Swig are careful to teach their aspiring alchemists safety practices, many have died or suffered terrible injuries as a result of their practice. Most settlements require that alchemists practice their work near water and/or away from other buildings.
Because of the efforts of Stir & Swig and the highly regarded status of the profession, quality alchemists can be found nearly everywhere. Therefore, while the demand is high, so is the supply.
The practice of alchemy itself is legal, though some use their skills toward highly illegal ends.
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