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The general is the highest commander of an army. In Astoria, generals are promoted through seniority and connections. Many go on to serve in Parliament, and the job is largely administrative than leading troops into battle. Most current generals were educated at the Military Academy and come from the upper class. Historically, however, the rank could be purchased for a hefty donation to the crown. General Arthur known for his tactical genius at the Second Battle of Little Hill and the Battle of Maywood purchased his commission. By contrast, General Haddock is most known for his embarrassing defeat at the Battle of Langdale Bridge. In society, generals are highly respected and many marry noblewomen regardless of their title.   In Samoir, generals are chosen based solely on connections. It is up to the government to raise promising commanders to generalship, though frequently, the leaders promote their friends. This is a long standing practice even when there was a monarch, prospective generals tried to curry favor to better their chances of promotion. There is a pervasive belief that the masses are better suited to choosing good representatives than a single person, but this has led to a culture of armchair generals throwing elaborate parties to get their names known while the generals on the field go largely unheard of. Generals in Samoir aren't expected to receive formal education, and ambitious commoners can rise in the ranks. General Rivou climbed the ranks from Ensign to general by fighting with distinction in a number of battles.   Though generals are the highest rank in the army, they are still heavily dependent on their inferiors. Most generals have a team of staff officers and advisers in any given situation and rely on the expertise of exploring officers to made educated decisions. They are also a common target for assassination, and sitting astride a horse makes them easy targets for snipers. Often times, people who do well at the lower officer ranks fail to grasp the magnitude of responsibilities shouldered by a general. Few people are truly qualified, and those who put on exemplary performances often go down in history books as heroes and national figures.

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