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Industry Leader

In Hyrule, an "industry leader" is an entrepreneur of a major business who maintains full or near full control of an industry, where an industry is defined as the economic activity that creates a specific good (or goods) or service. For example, Mr. Perelli owns the Cornerstone Aerial Postal Service, which is the main postal service in all of Hyrule despite not being the only one. Therefore, he is a mailing industry leader.



To become an industry leader, all one really needs is a lot of money and a niche that they can take advantage of. Since the Hylian kingdom is still up and coming, now is the prime opportunity to take advantage of and fill the niches that a growing, post-apocalyptic society has inevitably created.

Career Progression

As the proprietor of an entire industry in Hyrule, there are only two true levels that one can occupy: success or failure. A successful industry is a guaranteed moneymaker until a newer industry streamlines the process and puts the old industry out of business. One cannot ride up to eventually become one, either you have the money (or the political clout) to become one, or you don't. Likewise, if your industry fails, then that is that. The niche that you tried to occupy either does not yet exist and you failed to make it exist, or another industry made you obsolete. There is not yet much room for much innovation in Hyrulean business at this level.

Payment & Reimbursement

Industry leaders get to reap as many rewards as they see fit at their own discretion. If they want to pay themselves as much money as is possible without crippling their own business, it is within their rights to do so. If they want to quickly make as much money as possible and then tank their own industry, there is no law to stop them. Likewise, if they decide to pump 100% of the profit back into the business, it would hardly matter to an industry leader on a personal financial level because they were already rich in the first place.

Other Benefits

If the industry that one controls is vital, the leader of such can enjoy a significant amount of political clout among their peers and even the government that they are a part of. For example, some of the Hylian nobility are industry leaders, and Princess Zelda regularly consults them about policies that may negatively affect their business, especially if they are so vital that they keep the whole kingdom afloat.



Industry leaders have their fingers on the pulse of society, namely Hylian society. They own many different industries from newspapers and photography to medicine and science and are responsible for keeping the kingdom afloat and the people working. While the R.H.A. employs the most Hylians in the kingdom, industry leaders come in at a very close second and are first when it comes to hiring women, both married and single, foreigners, and older/disabled people who can no longer serve in more laborious, traditional fields.

Social Status

Industry leaders are of the highest classes, occupying both the "nobility" and "wealthy" class. It is extremely rare and unlikely (but not impossible) for anyone underneath to make it in this profession.
Alternative Names
Absolute proprietor, Fatmen (from a political cartoon that decried their unchecked power)

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