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The divided proffeisions

It bepends on the area in the vortex there amazing miners.they mine around six million stones a year. The process is amazing there are several stages. Stage one they find a area with lots of ore. Stage two they use a pickaxe to make a three foot hole in the middle of the area. Stage three they cast a spell that makes the ore go to a bucket. There are around sixty mines throughout the vortex.   The most common profession in the land of beasts is planting the pant seeds of all kinds like dragon fruit, berries, and broccoli. They plant and harvest the same way we do it. The soil is nice and rich it is amazing for planting. They also plant and harvest whith man power as well.   The most common profession in the land of fire and ash is smithing they make sowrds, axes, and lots of weapons. They use charcoal they make excellent woepons the killed surtr in the amazing battle. They have killed dragons, spit fire snakes, and of enemies. There is very hot temperatures there so they make excellent weapons.   The most popular profession in the land of air is machinery of many types like clocks, ships, air ships, personal fan jet packs, and lots more things. They use very strong metals that can take a good amount of a beating. Every thing is made by man power some times with some magic. They use meter right metal also which is really rare and the some times us dragon scales if the dragon is willing to give them some.   Some more not as known professions but popular acros the globe are leather working, carving, and some sports.   Here are some less popular professions music, dancing,fire works, crafting, and stone working.

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