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A combination of archaeologist, engineer, and wizard. Since the societal collapse following the The Plague of Silmora and the failing of the Mystic Engine, Artificers seek to retrieve resources and devices that still function for society.   Most artificers gain some knowledge in a particular field of research and interest. It can be anything from the plumbing of ancient cities, hardened ceramic mixtures, mystic engines, or teleportation gateways.



High intelligence and flexible thinking are key. As is an intense curiosity.

Career Progression

Most artificers start out as adventurers, troubleshooters, and treasure seekers. The most proficient ones bring back highly useful devices for their community. Late in their career they often take up maintenance of magical sites and devices that perform a community function and are paid to do so.

Payment & Reimbursement

Paid by device or work performed, this can range from a small amount to enormous sums. Many artificers work for various investment or research groups. The Order of Bamboo employed a large number of artificers in their Towers of Wind

Other Benefits

An always interesting workplace and discoveries. Along however with the attendant risk.


Social Status

Generally well regarded


While a small percentage of the population (< 1%) are artificers they have a great impact on the lives of ordinary people.



Common tools include mundane items such as rope, poles, climbing gear, appraising tools, reference materials and tools specific to their chosen focus or interest.
RPG Notes: While artificer may be a specific class in some RPG's, players need not be limited to that class. Inquisitors, rogues, wizards, sorcerers and the like are all possible in this role.   For 5th edition there is a home-brew background on dndbeyond (private).
Alternative Names
Seeker, Researcher, Tomb Raider, Devler, Archaeologist
There is a reasonable demand for good artificers.
Used By

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Houserule: Location Attunement

A character can attune to a special location, building, or vehicle like they attune to a magic item. This attunement can grant special abilities and options to players in that location. All locations do have a requirement that you frequent the location to retain the benefit. The additional requirements are specific to each item. All locations have a series of tagged traits.
You may attune to one location at a time, and this is independent to magic item attunement. Allowing you to attune to 3 items and 1 location.


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