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The heat of the forge, the clang of hammer to anvil, the shine of a razor sharp blade. The hallmarks of the smithy. Blacksmithing may well be the oldest, and is definitely the most respected profession in all of Ishinet.   From the battlefront to the ruins of some lost civilization, nobody wants to be caught without a sharp blade or a study piece of armor. Anybody who wants to make a name for themselves will need to have connections to a quality blacksmith at some point in time.



Anyone wanting to become a blacksmith needs to be strong both physically and mentally. The profession requires the physical prowess to handle the heavy hammer and metals for forging, and the mental prowess to understand the proper techniques and process to bend material to your will.

Career Progression

There is no formal or official career path for someone who wants to be a blacksmith. Most start at a young age as an apprentice to an accomplished master. They learn from the master over years of helping them at the forge and learning proper form and technique.

Payment & Reimbursement

A good blacksmith commands a premium price for his wares. An excellent blacksmith can find himself in the lap of luxury as the personal smithy for a Nobel house or a powerful kingdom.



Blacksmiths provide the military might to any fighting force. From the blades for battle, the horseshoes and wheels for travel, no army moves without its smiths.

Social Status

Quality blacksmiths are well respected in all walks of life. It is a profession that many people would love to enter, but few are able. It takes a special person to take on an apprentice and pass on the ways of smithing. Many smiths do not have the patience to teach, tho most are willing to try.
Blacksmiths are always in high demand. Farmers always need tools. Horses always needs shoes. Armies always need weapons.

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