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Seporro'w /sɛpuɹuʔw/ (Story Teller)

The followers of /inorah/ Godess of Stories say:
A story dies only when it is written down. Once written down, it stops changing, it stops breathing, it becomes stale and lifeless. Just as /inorah/ weaves the story of our world, it is up to the Seporro'w to keep our stories alive.
  Seporro'ws often times revere or are inspired by /inorah/, goddess of storytelling who by some accounts created the world with her voice as her own world ended.1 When the main part of the /ɵβaɹidunʔkɵ/, (Theocracy Nation) started to standardize some of the important stories, many seporro'w were angry, and support the opposing government in exile, made up of some of the other temples including /inorah/'s temple.   Although many people tell stories as they are a big part of Hofelorian culture, the seporro'w are masters of stories, collecting many. Many obscure stories still live on among the seporro'w being passed on from generation to generation being kept alive, and being shared.   Additionally, seporro'w are often responsible for collecting or creating new stories about the Pantheon of gods, helping not only the individual stories, but the characters themselves to live on in the world.



  • Strong speaking skills
  • Reasonable memory
  • Flare



Keep the ancient myths of /ɵβaɹidʔkɵ/'s Pantheon alive, and keep telling and retelling them, letting them change but never die.

Social Status

The seporro'w are highly respected among Hofelorian culture due to their important religious role. Without the seporro'w, many myths and stories might have died long ago. Walking the balance between death by obscurity, and death by standardization, the seporro'w have an important job. Well off places often have a seporro'w in town employ, providing income so they may travel the world and bring back stories.
1For more information, see Oriso Creation Myth or /inorah/ Godess of Stories's page for the relevant parts of the creation myth.

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