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Wizardry in the Eight Lands

Services for hire. See nearest Magisterium hall for details.

Wizardry in the Eight Lands is seen as a necessary profession, as well as one that fosters a particularly proud mindset, leading to some egotistical wizards.  

Common Practices

Throughout the Eight Lands, wizards can be found. Most abide by the Standards of Casting rules that the Magisterium has laid down, however, some wizards choose not to follow these rules and wreak havoc instead. Most notably, the wizard known as Carric the Vile has caused more trouble across the Eight Lands than any other rogue wizard.  

Wizarding Rules

The rules listed below are an excerpt from the Standards of Casting upheld by the Magisterium within cities around the Eight Lands.  
Within these Standards, the following definitions apply:   Person

A person is to be defined as a humanoid or beast with an ability to make its wills known, either verbally, telepathically, written or any other form of explicit information transfer.

  Magical act

Any form of magical effect created due to arcane procedures, connection with a deity or other higher being, physiological traits, the manipulation of existing magical effects, or the operation of magical or non-magical objects are considered as magical acts.


A target is defined as any being, object or place which is affected by a magical act.

  1) Illegal magical acts are charged by both the severity of the crime and the nature of the magical act.
  • Magical acts that are equivalent to a non-magical crime are charged to the severity of the non-magical crime.

  • Magical acts of self-defence are permitted if no other reasonable course of action can be taken without the endangerment of the magic user and the target.

2) Magical acts that remove, alter or inhibit the physical, intellectual, or spiritual freedoms of persons or personal property are prohibited.
  • Magical acts that alter the physical composition or appearance of a target with the intention to deceive, maim, or delude a person are prohibited.

  • Magical acts that alter the memories, thoughts, or emotions of other persons with the intention to deceive, maim or delude a person are prohibited.

  • Magical acts that fabricate objects or beings with the intent to deceive, maim, or delude a person are prohibited.

3) Magical acts of assault with the intent to maim or destroy a person or personal property are prohibited.
  • Magical acts of destruction or assault may be performed upon a target if performed on private property, permission is granted by the target or its owner, and due safety precautions are observed.

  • Magical acts of controlled demolition upon dwellings or other large property require a permit in order to be performed.

4) Magical acts of mending and restoration are prohibited if there is dissent or reasonable suspicion of dissent by a targeted person or personal property.   5) Magical acts of translocation, either material or planar, are permitted upon willing targets as long as due safety precautions are observed at the location of both exit and appearance.
  • Summoning or translocating beings into an area that they would not be permitted to enter is prohibited.

6) Magical acts for the purpose of spectacle or entertainment are permitted if due safety precautions are observed and they do not conflict with article 2.
  • Such acts must remain within a determined area for the duration, and they must not create any undue disturbance in the area they are located.

7) Magical acts of Necromancy are prohibited unless used to stabilize a dying target or protect the soul or remains of a dead being.   8) All other magical acts are permitted unless the implications of use or secondary effects conflict with the previous laws.  
Famous in the Field
Seven years of studying at the Magisterium or other wizardry schools.


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Jul 12, 2018 13:02 by Constance Watson

Beautiful layout and very detailed rules!   I know you mention that it takes 7 years of wizardry school to obtain this profession but would love to see more information regarding that. What specific topics or subjects do they study that prepares them? Are they able to apprentice with other wizards? Also, how much does a wizard make? Who hires him? What happens if they break the rules of Wizardry?

Jul 12, 2018 13:04 by Andrew

All fantastic questions that I'll be answering in a different article specifically about wizardry in general, instead of focusing on what applies over the Eight Lands, so expect that soon!

Jul 12, 2018 13:17 by Constance Watson

Awesome, sounds good!

Jul 12, 2018 15:55

Is summoning a thing, or does that fall under the "inhibiting freedoms" clause (since that's arguably what it does to the poor demon being summoned)?

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Jul 12, 2018 22:31 by Andrew

If what you're summoning is bound by contract, it'd probably be alright. But then again "disturbing the peace" is a crime so who knows what'd happen.

Jul 12, 2018 22:34

Guess that depends on how summoning spells work in general. Nice work :)

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Jul 12, 2018 16:29 by Malkuthe Highwind

Ahhhh. I love all the rules. It sounds almost like a hybrid between a charter and a criminal code, and I like it! Also, yesss to wizards that are heavily regulated. So much potential for saucy plots.

Jul 12, 2018 22:32 by Andrew

Glad you like it!

Aug 8, 2018 06:51 by Tikal

Love the concept, the rules that Wizards have to abide by. Though much like the law, the way the rules are laid out are very bland. Quotes, or a short little story that shows the breaking/enforcement of the rules would be great.   I really want to see in the world have the rules are enforced. Because some seem like magical pranksters would break for sure.

Aug 8, 2018 06:56 by Andrew

Enforcement can really only happen where there's a large Magisterium presence, so most rural towns won't have that stuff enforced, but if anyone hears you broke one of the laws, guess who loses their hat! (And magical pranksters, if they're good at it, won't get caught)