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Stornas Thundersword

The Golden King

The great Thundersword once strode into battle with nought but his leathers on and his greatsword in hand. He charged the line of foes across the field, and upon reaching them, slammed his blade into the ground, causing arcs of lightning to spread from his blade through the lines of enemies. He obliterated them with that one fell swoop...
— An old man

The Herald of the Stormed Legion

Throughout his life, Stornas Thundersword was seen as an outcast, his magical prowess was one of the key components of this social status. Whenever he would get excited, arcs of lightning would scatter across his eyes and fingertips, never causing any damage to anyone or anything but as something never seen before, it terrified those around him. Few but his family understood this magic.   From birth, Stornas was blessed by the Goddess of Thunder and Lightning, Avdona, to become the strongest mage of his time, one skilled with blade and sorcery. With this, he succeeded, he founded the Stormed Legion, an army with ranks upon ranks of Stormed Legionnaires who fought with the wrath of a hundred hurricanes, tearing through any enemy that stood in their way.   Though the Stormed Legion is a standing army, they have rarely been called upon to fight for the Golden Depths or the country of Bihulling.  

Wrath of Lightning

Stornas Thundersword is one of the few people capable of claiming to hold mastery of both sword and sorcery. Most of the Stormed Legionnaires hold either sorcery prowess or sword prowess, but while all wield both, it is rare to see a Legionnaire utilize more than one at a time.   Since his death, there have only been seven candidates worthy of the Thundersword heraldry, originally passed on to his first apprentice. Each candidate has performed admirably, and one was rumoured to have taken the mantle of The Keeper for a time until she perished.
Circumstances of Death

Character Portrait image: Dwarven King Concept Art by Noel Layon Flores


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