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Danger certainly, Injury definitely, Riches probably not, but absolutely fun.



There are no set qualifications for this profession although having skill in linguistics, basic healing and combat are very useful if not necessary for survival in this profession.

Career Progression

Most adventures start as a nobody a name that goes in one ear and out the other and paid as much as someone digging a ditch for about 100x the danger. It's only after several great deeds does it get any better but the pay to danger ratio will always be terrible.

Payment & Reimbursement

It differs on what the quest is and what the adventurer has done in the past. Some days nothing while others a dragon's hoard.

Other Benefits

Easiest profession to gain fame from killing a dragon is instant fame.



To be who a person goes to when they need something done what ever it is. Kill a few rats, slay a dragon, and steal an ancient treasure from a king all done in a days work for a few copper.

Social Status

Very low if your a rat killer but extremely high if your a dragon slayer


Not many people decide to make this profession their life with the danger related to this line of work.


It has always existed but they are more common in times of peace when there is nothing else interesting going on and needing to stir stuff up.



Weapons, Armour, food, and ale lots of ale.


Sword or other weapon


Generally smelly, dark and dangerous

Dangers & Hazards

There are many hazards in this job ranging anywhere from a dragon to a spike trap most days there will be as many threats to your life as there are hours in a day.
Alternative Names
Vagrants, Drifters, Thrill Seekers
Public Relations
The demand is high there will always be someone needing something done.
The profession is not illegal anywhere bu is disliked and discouraged often in settlements.

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