SC - Head of the Capital

Yes indeed, I once met the head of Mensus, she was a wise woman, thought a bit intimidating. She seemed to know everything, not only about the city, not only about the world but everything there is to know. I don't know how she had done this but I still get shivers when I think back to the conversation we once had. She seemed to know everything about me. A very nice but possibly dangerous woman.
  This position is given to the president of a human capital. Each city: Fuldus, Impha, Levivet, Sympthema and Mensus has one head of capital.   This position stand above the inner balance and is the one that joins the meetings of the outer balance council.   It is regarded as the highest position anybody could have because the outer balance council steers the fate of orcerta. But it is also regarded as the hardest profession of orcerta due to it being the most stressful job.



In depth knowledge of the political situations in orcerta, not only regarding their own city but also relationships to other cities and other races.

Career Progression

This is the highest position one can get in politics.



Its purpose is to represent the needs and wants of the city their are head of while still thinking about every possible alternative and effect it would have on orcerta as a whole.


Every race has the potential to become the head of Capital

Alternative Names
Only one person per capital can have this position.


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