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The most prestigious profession in the world is that of the Sage. Part explorers part philosopher the Sage is someone who uncovers the secrets of the world.



Anyone can attempt to be a Sage

Career Progression

Most sages start off as bards or wizards, a prospective sage is known as a Researcher. Eventually from their studies they will put forth a task that they wish to solve to become a Questor. This is vague but for anyone to take them seriously the Questor must either have shown skills that prove the prowess or inspire others to invest in their persuit.   No quest is ever the same though some may being as such. Some common quests were to find a new land and claim it for their country, while others were to learn everything there can be of a creature. No matter if it is a new magic spell or an invention that can revolutionize how people live a Questor goes forth to find their answer and most never return or do so a failure.   But every now and then a Sage will return, they will show their patrons or the populace of their findings and depending on what they did the Sage can become rich and famous or ridiculed.

Payment & Reimbursement

Depending on the fame of a Sage they can garner as much as a thousand gold for a task. Considered experts in their field a Sage is known to be capable and adept at many situations and often are page around a hundred gold a month for minor courtly requests. These are often after a nobles patronage where nobles will fit the bill for various quests a before the Questor is given the title Sage.

Other Benefits

Sages are famous for their receptive achievements



A Sage is someone who has changed the world in major ways by bringing new knowledge to it.

Social Status

Most Sages are famous though a few are infamous. Many nobles will support burgeoning Questors just to claim they had a hand a Sages work.


Few Questors survie to become sages and fewer Researchers find the resources needed to become Questors. More often a knowledgeable person will become an adventurer to fund their research or support their quest.


Provided Services

A Sages service is dependent on the Sage, a medical Sage will be called to study and cure all manner of disease while a wandering Sage will be asked to lead an expedition. The most common Sage is that of Arcane Sage, one who studies and creates magical spells, who are called on by nobility as court magicians or for researching magics.
Alternative Names
Questors, Researchers, Explorers, Madmen
There is a great demand for Sages as they are considered experts in their craft.

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