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The All

The All is the mysterious head of The Society. No one except for The Few knows the identity of The All, and anyone else who comes close to finding out their identity mysteriously vanishes.   The All completely owns The Society, and anything that it does and accomplishes is a direct result of their will. The lower members only vaguely know of The All's existence, and most know to regard them with fear, respect, or both. Those who do neither do not make it very far.   The All oversees the entire organization from afar and directs the rest of the members of The Society to do their bidding by passing on orders through The Few. Since only The Few know The All's true identify, it is up to them to make sure that The All's will is properly executed. While it is not uncommon for The All to officially recognize and commend hard-workers, The All never makes their identity known to their subordinates, preferring only to speak to others, even The Few, via letter.   In reality, The All is , the one who created The Society as an extension of his insatiable need to control everything around him in al the ways that would be too difficult and scandalous for him to accomplish as a public figure. As the head of this organization,
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Mr. Perelli
plans to use The Society to further his goals of total political control that he hopes can be maintained by him and anyone that he sees fit to succeed him for generations to come, no matter how many people have to be bribed, tortured, or killed to achieve his vision.
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