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High Priest or High Priestess

The merging of the organised religion was both easy and torturous path, as the various churches wished to keep their own identity, when there was no real link or reason to do so, or so many who supported the merging of them all under one banner.

In the end it didn't matter that they objected, the merging was done and it would not be undone. The catholic church was one more united, and from that they took a few turns to the obscure, in the naming of their hierarchy, and the top most position was no longer the Pope as it once had been.


The one who holds this position has served inside the Temple and reached any of the hierarchy position: Cardinal, Arch-Bishop, Bishops or Priest (though this on rarely, as they have only been recently trained and out of the Seminary)


The Cardinal are the ones who seek the one to be elected to High, they seek the one who will lead them the best, the one who has the knowledge and skills to lead the Temple, and they must have or present a strength in belief in the Temple.


They are elected by the Cardinals, and their name is put forward for consideration. After they vote the name with the most votes is approached.

There is a ceremony of Laying of Hands and then Ordination in to the position, the ceremony starts in the dawn as the Accepted Candidate is walked to private chapel where they are to pray until the sun is at the zenith, then they are walked down the aisle and at each ten paces, they are clock or handed the symbols of the Office.


The High Priest or Priestess is the head of the Temple they are to lead the Temple and their clergy to serve the Only God, the Creator of All and to keep the faith and guide the people to the righteous path of faith in the One True God, the Creator of All


The High is 'potestas magisterii, potestas regimini, and potestas ministerii', meaning: teaching, sanctifying, and governing are their duty and responsibility to the Temple


They are the voice of the Temple and the one who directs the Temple in all things.

Accoutrements & Equipment

They are first article is the Amice, a oblong piece of white linen that is worn around the neck and shoulders and partly under the alb. It measures 36" x 24" with two 36" strings of twill tape, this is to symbolise the 'helm of salvation', and they say as it place on them "Lord, give me strength to conquer the temptations of the devil." Next is the Alb, it is white pure cotton and it symbolises innocent and purity of the priest. Next is the cincture purple cord used as a belt to gird the Alb. It symbolizes the virtues of chastity and continence - it is place around them by the eldest serving Cardinal Next is the Chasuble, it is made embroidered with gold thread symbols of charity in various dialects, it is a very full garment, shaped like a bell and reaching, it symbolises the virtue of charity, and the yoke of unselfish service for the Lord, which the priest assumes at ordination, is is pale yellow in colour and is place over the Priest head. Next is chimere a symbol of the mantle of a prophet, only worn by the High Priest or Priestess as it signifies them as chief proclaimer and defender of the faith, of red material. Next they are passed the Pastoral Staff, a staff with crook or bend at the top, the symbol of authority and jurisdiction The last piece is the Fisherman's Ring, is used as the personal and unique seal of that reigning High. It is destroyed when he dies

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Once they are elected, only if they are proven unfaithful or go openly against the doctrines of the Temple and is able to be proven in front of all the Cardinal, with them in full agreement, only then can the High be removed (often put to death)
Religious, Clerical
Alternative Naming
The High, The Preist or The Priestess
Equates to
They are head of the Temple, they are equal to that of any head of a Nation or Head of the Monastic Orders
Source of Authority
Creator of All, God The Almighty
Length of Term
For their Lifetime
Current Holders

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