The first qualification a person must have to become Archmage is that they need to be a Rune Caster. Next, that Rune Caster must have graduated from one of the arcane academies around Iosis. Then, they must be a Magus, or instructor, at the specific academy they are to become Archmage at for at least two decades before they earn the opportunity to be voted into the position by the other Magi of that school.   For example, a Magus who graduated from Kaxiara Rune Academy and taught at Basora Academy of the Arcane for over two decades qualifies to become Archmage or Archmistress of Basora but not Kaxiara. If the Magus teaches at Basora for five years but then transfers to Remia Academy of the Arcane they will have to wait until they have taught at Remia for two decades before the qualify.


The person being voted into the position does not need to be a specific age, race, sex, or come from a specific bloodline. All that is required of them is that they have the ability to cast and that they have taught at one specific school for at least two decades.


During the last half of the current Archmage/Archmistess' last year in their term, the Magi are brought together to vote on who will become the head of the school once the year is over. Typically, the ones who have been teaching the longest are put up for candidacy but, if a younger Magus has made a breakthrough in their research or are incredibly popular, they can surpass the elder instructors in votes.


The Archmage makes sure those with Ataxia Putrida are sent to and arrive at Remia safely, interview the parents of prospective students, and are the main point of contact between the academy they are in charge of and the rulers and citizens of the nation they are in. If a scandal happens involving one of their Rune Casters, the Archmage is the one who is responsible for soothing people's fears and ruffled feathers.


New or dangerous research is overseen by the Archmage until they feel its safe to be overseen by senior Magi. If someone's research proves fruitful, the Archmage then adds that research to the current curriculum and sends the reports of the experiment to the other academies so they can add it to their curriculum as well or further expand upon the research. They also determine how much a caster can or should charge villages, cities, or individuals for their services.


The main benefit a rune caster gains from becoming Archmage is they are able to speak with Kings, Queens, Consuls and other members of the nobility on a one-on-one basis that can last beyond their term as Archmage. A smaller benefit, is that they get their own apartment separate from everyone else at the academy.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If an Archmage is showing signs of Ataxia Putrida they will be removed from their position and an emergency election will be held to find a replacement.


The rank of Archmage was created in 4 ARC by Folcher Chlothar, Rosmunda Blackwell, Otwin Theudemar, Amelina Humbert, and Osanna De Rege to honor the memory of their teacher Leobwin Cenric after he disappeared and was presumed dead.
Magical, Professional
Alternative Naming
Head Magus, Head Mage, Headmaster, Headmistress
Equates to
The headmaster/headmistress of a school but also Duke/Duchess in nobility.
Source of Authority
Rune Casters
Length of Term
Every archmage is only able to serve for one term that lasts six years
First Holder
Related Locations
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