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Royal Regent of Heldrin

Receiving this title is both an incredible honour and an incredible burden, one if not handled dutiful and careful could well lead to losing all you have or even facing your demise. Royal Regent of Heldrin, a title that gives you the power of control over a city, village, or settlement within Heldrin at the behest of the King. You act in his stead, you represent him and his rule, he trusts that you can rule justly and fairly in his name. If you besmirch that, if you act unjustly or make a mockery of the Kings name, he will crush you under his boot.


Typically only those that are highly trusted by the King of Heldrin are given this title and responsibility. This usually equates to a lengthy military or political career of years before this title can be attained.


The Royal Regent is tasked with standing in for the King when he is not available. For example, the city of Roseport was viewed as being too corrupt, the King decided it needed to be put back in line. Since the King is too busy to rule a city he appoints a Royal Regent to rule over the city and complete the tasks he sets forth for them. Once their duties are completed they will return to their original appointment or receive a new one depending on the situation. While the newly corrupt free Roseport would get a permanent Duke or Lord to rule over it.


The Royal Regent has access to the complete resources of wherever he is stationed if it is a city he can take direct control of its city guard if need be. And depending on the task at hand they could also receive a company of trained soldiers and generals.   Beyond this, the Royal Regent is compensated greatly with gold, land, and political powers. Allowing him more say in the capital and sometimes complete control of a city.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the Royal Regent acts unjustly or besmirches the King's name he will be immediately stripped of all of his titles, lands, and funds and be imprisoned. The jail term is typically indefinite.


The Royal Regent Duke Cross held the title when he was given the responsibility of cleaning up corruption in Roseport. Unfortunately, his time as Royal Regent would be poor, his attempts at cleaning up the city would be unsuccessful. Using a royally gifted army of guards called the White Cloaks he would attempt to kill off and imprison members of the cities Thieves Guild, and all those who opposed him. Sadly this just destroyed the balance within the city and made way for worse unorganised crime. Leaving the city in shambles.   Duke Cross would also abuse his power and claim a vast amount of the cities wealth for himself, creating an even larger divide between rich and poor. Within a years time, he had been overthrown, with the King arriving to personally strip him of the title and drag him back to Sumner's prison.
Civic, Political
Equates to
The rank is similar in status to a Lord or a Duke of a city. Though this title gives power in times of distress, allowing for more drastic measures if need be. As your word stands in for the Kings it carries more weight with it.
Source of Authority
The King of Heldrin, King Thadeus Telvour VIII
Length of Term
Depends on the assignment given, anywhere between a couple weeks to a couple years
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