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The Grandmaster is the title of the leader of the Guild. The Grandmaster is nominated from the ranks of branch leaders, and then voted on.


To qualify, a Master needs to have led a branch for at least 10 years. While not an official requirement, from there the branch needs to be in the top 5 grossing branches at least three times. Only branch leaders meeting this requirement have any chance of being nominated for the position.


The leader of the Guild must keep the members cheered. All of the adventurers hired by the Guild are technically independent of it, and have signed no contract to maintain the peace. It is only due to convension and the Guild's stranglehold on magical materials that all adventurers go through them.
If morale fell and adventurer numbers started to decrease, the borders of the Wastelands would fall.


The Grandmaster leads the Guild and coordinates the different branches. Each branch takes care of smaller matters, but passes information and statistics up to the leader. All of this info is looked over by them in order to decide yearly policies about how much support needs to be sent to each area, if the trade regulations need further enforcing, and above all, keeps track of the Border Guard's support. Any and all decisions on the border need to pass through the Grandmaster, due to the importance of maintaining them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the Grandmaster is revealed to be in violation of anything from the Treaty of Masinià̃ (among which being lack of impartiality in leading the Guild and incapability of holding the border) they can be removed from their office. To be removed, all of the branch leaders would vote on their belief in the alligations, and with a 60% majority would constitute removal.
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