The Three Crowns

They could be anyone, anywhere! That's the real power of the Three Crowns, you can't stop them because you can't see them. One Crown might be the Chancellor of Ghal Pelor, another might be the owner of the bakery at Hoines and Newcastle. You don't know, you can't know and that why you'll never win.
— Black Thorn Society Sharp during his interrogation by the Ghal Pelorian Constabulary
The Three Crowns are the mysterious and nameless trio of individuals that control the Black Thorn Society. They operate in anonymity thanks to false identities, loyal subjects and a web of secrecy.
The origin of the Crowns can be traced back to the original Stranglevine Gang of Thorngarden Street in Theawood. The gang was eventually broken and the survivors taken to Ghal Pelor to stand trial for their crimes and face hard time. However, the original Stranglevines were all very wealthy men and women thanks to their exploits in Theawood. That money was used to make themselves very comfortable behind bars and to bring their brand of organized crime to the streets of Ghal Pelor.
After years and years of incarceration the number of Stranglevines was dwindling and their wealth was consolidating into fewer and fewer hands. This all culminated in the riots known as the Night of the Three Crowns. The survivors of the Stranglethorns and their newly acquired followers were set loose on the streets and a natural selection of sorts quickly unfolded. What remained were the strongest, most cunning and cruel crime lords... The Three Crowns.
Today, the Crowns are a shadow in Tairos. The mere mention of their name is enough to turn the heads of every criminal in earshot. Rumors of their presence in a city will send a shiver down the spine of all who have yet to swear loyalty to them. There are those bold enough to think they have a shot at bringing one of the Crowns to justice or killing one off and taking their place. If either has happened the world is none the wiser.


Chosen by the retiring Crown. If the Crown is killed then the remaining Crowns will decide among each other who is to take the open seat.


The Crowns are believed to have their own agents, elite soldiers and emissaries. They operate outside the hierarchy of the Black Thorn Society and exist to enact the will of their masters. This can sometimes take the form of removing Thorn Lords from power, establishing new Thorns in distant territory, acquiring relics or resources meant only for the Crowns or assassinating key targets that are beyond even the reach of the Thorn Lords. While there is a certain mystique and awe associated with the agents of the Crowns they still must abide by the rules of Court. That includes never knowing the true identity of the Crowns themselves.
The Three Crowns themselves are known only by their title: Red Crown, White Crown and Black Crown.


Oversee the growth of the regional Thorns and the expansion of the Black Thorn Society as a whole.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If a Crown has ever been removed it has never been revealed to the organization as a whole. If such an event has happened it has been kept secret and simply resulted in the standard method for replacing an open seat.

Notable Holders

The names of the Crowns have never been revealed
Length of Term
Life long appointment or until retirement
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