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Grey Watcher

The highest rank some one can be in the Grey Cowls.


High magical and diplomatic skill.


Has to be a member of the Unhooded Win a majority vote from other members of the Unhooded Accept the position.


After accepting the position they are granted the golden bracer to distinguish them from any other Unhooded   Then they ascend the outside of the tower by any means necessary once reaching the top the must use up all of their magical power casting the most powerful spells possible after which they will be welcomed back inside and a dinner will be had.


Arbitrating the Grey Cowls, deciding when to go to war or launch a purge, conducting major diplomacy for the Grey Cowls, and welcoming new recruits.


Welcoming recruits and diplomacy


Better accommodations and final say in any Grey Cowl activity

Accoutrements & Equipment

A single mundane gold bracer.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal


Cultural Significance

Greatly feared if not respected by all.   Ever time there is a new Grey Watcher the whole world knows due to the sheer power of the spells they use during the ascension ceremony and reinstills the fear and respect the Grey Cowls hold. After a particularly long reign of a Grey Watcher there tends to be less and less respect and fear shown as people forget or generations pass who didn't experience the power which quickly disappears when a new one is appointed.   The Grey Watchers word carries a lot of weight anywhere even the hobgoblins and their zealous hatred of magic would be hesitant to attack them or earn their wrath.

Notable Holders

Tion, Vera, and Faron
Magical, Professional
Still in effect
The first Grey Watcher and founder of the Grey Cowls was Faron
Alternative Naming
The Watcher
Equates to
King or guild head
Source of Authority
Personal power and magic and backing from the largest group of magic users in Rimosus
Length of Term
Life long
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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