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The Esteemed One


The Esteemed One is a rank within the bloodkeeper community, and is a title for the bloodkeeper that currently is the head of a current village/settlement. It is the highest rank available in the community, and how it is chosen varies depending on the tribe's location and culture.    

What Does it Take to be a Leader?



Desert Bloodkeeper Leader
In the desert bloodkeeper community, the rank of Esteemed One is typically decided on by a community vote. Candidates are chosen due to their selflessness in three main categories: Hunting, Protection, and Shelter. A bloodkeeper may not be selfless in all three things, but if they show the drive to put others of their kind above themselves consistently then they are considered to be in the running.   Darker fur is not typically approved of, though some communities that hunt during the night instead of day may be comfortable in choosing to do so. It may be brushed aside if the member is a strong addition to the community.  


Due to their enviroment, tundra bloodkeepers often avoid darkening their fur with the consumption of blood. Though their god Silence has dark fur, they themselves feel the need to restrict their blood intake to allow them to hunt better. The whiter and lighter the coat is, the more respect you have--however that isn't to say that older bloodkeepers aren't respected due to their coat gaining tint as they age and take part in birthday blood drinking celebrations-- Age can in fact be in their favor.   After all, an older bloodkeeper that still has light-coloured fur shows an incredible amount of restraint. If there are two similarly matched bloodkeepers that are attempting to take the role of Esteemed One, it will be done via trial by combat to first blood.  


Forest bloodkeepers are perhaps one of the more simple tribes. While tundra and desert look upon the dark fur as risky due to their environments, forest bloodkeepers embrace the fact their fur darkens with age and average blood consumption. In other regards, they have a hybridized approach, with elements of both tundra and desert methods of deciding who their Esteemed One is.   The community will take into account how the demon contributes to the group, and often decide between them in that way. However, if a vote occurs and one doesn't approve, they may attempt a trial by combat, where the first to yield is the loser.


  • Bloodkeeper
  • Display the required traits
  • Must be a young adult and older (50+ yrs)


The Duties of an Esteemed One vary based on the needs of the community, but their main goal is to keep their people safe, happy, and healthy. They will be the ones having the final say in any choices regarding the tribe.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Due to the varying temperatures and biomes that bloodkeepers cover, the common uniform for an Esteemed One may vary, but most wear white and teal, as they are important colours of their god. In fact, their garb may resemble some of the common depictions of Silence.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If an Esteemed One has become corrupt or no longer has the best for their people in mind, they may be subjected to a community vote, and a replacement will be put up.

Cultural Significance

Most cultures see it as an equivalent to a city or town mayor. Demons treat the rank with more respect than most humans, especially given the War.   Originally was given to the oldest bloodkeeper, though due to the The Bloodkeeper-Human War, views about fur colour and culture shifted slightly. It was no longer closed to just the oldest.
Civic, Political
Active to this day; less common in cities unless it's a bloodkeeper community.
Alternative Naming
Elder, Village Elder, Esteemed
Equates to
Humans would consider it equivalent to a city mayor.

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When they mention corrupt, they typically mean if they're acting selfishly or more chaotically; basically if they bring disorder and risk other lives needlessly it counts as corrupt. Removal is either done via a replacement vote, or more physical methods if the person fights being taken out of the role!

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