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Grand Sorcerer

Most magic users across Thea know of the few individuals who have attained the ranks of Grand Sorcerer. It is bestowed upon any mage that has become the pinnacle of expertise with a certain type of magic.


The only requirement for receiving the title is being recognized as the preeminent user of one domain of magic. This domain is largely at the discretion of the holder, hence why there is a Grand Sorcerer of Fire and a Grand Sorcerer of Explosions.


Because of their prestige and influence within the arcane social circles across Thea, a Grand Sorcerer can expect to be well accommodated in any town they choose to stay at, as long as they are willing to hear out requests to rid the land of the local ancient evil.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The rank of Grand Sorcerer may be taken by another if they show a greater aptitude or prowess in a domain.


Felanis Warmwind of the Tuatha de Dannan is commonly viewed as the first person to gain the title of Grand Sorcerer of Fire. His dominance in one field began the tradition of highly specialized mages. It is also because of him that the title is always Grand Sorcerer, despite its recipient possibly being any of the types of magic users.

Notable Holders

Grand Sorcerer of Fire - (unknown)
Grand Sorcerer of Water - (unknown)
Grand Sorcerer of Explosions - (unknown)

Magical, Honorific
Equates to
Most arcane organizations will hold a Grand Sorcerer at about the level of an Archmage in their ranks, or an equivalent. Among noble circles, the holder will generally be treated as a low ranking lord or lady.
Length of Term
The title of Grand Sorcerer is usually kept until death except in the rare cases of it being taken by a usurper.
First Holder
Felanis Warmwind
Past Holders
Related Locations

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