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Hunter Brigadier

Hunter Brigadier is the highest mortal rank that a Hunter can take within the ranks of the Hunter Academy. Within each country, there are many chapters of the Academy. Each chapter has their own brigadier, which oversees the brigade of hunters within the chapter.   Brigadiers report directly to the Knights that train their ranks. They are responsible for recruitment efforts, as well as overseeing the training of young Hunters. Brigadiers ensure that the training techniques used by the Knights aren't too intense for mortal bodies. Since Knights are at least functionally immortal, as well as far sturdier than mortals, they may sometimes go a bit overboard when it comes to training. The general rule is, if the brigadier can't do it, neither can the recruits.


Hunter Brigadiers need to have served as a Captain in the hunters for at least five years. As they oversee an entire brigade, typically brigadiers need to have been recommended both by their subordinates but also by Knights that have worked with them.


Brigadiers are appointed directly by the Knights that oversee them. In rare occasions, the Huntress herself may appoint a particularly promising Captain to this position.


Brigadiers are the direct commanders for an entire brigade of Hunters. Each chapter of the Hunter Academy has a single brigadier, and they oversee the three captains, nine lieutenants, and 27 squad leaders that make up their brigade. They handle all aspects of discipline and commendation, as well as all paperwork.


Brigadiers handle all incoming cases, both criminal and civil in nature. They assign tasks to all of those below them as well as handle any incoming complaints. Additionally, they oversee recruitment efforts. Brigadiers also will do trial runs of new training techniques in order to ensure that it isn't too lethal for their recruits.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Source of Authority
Hunter brigadiers gain their authority from the Goddess Huntress.
Reports directly to
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