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Grand Marshal

This is the highest rank in the Yraldrigan army and brings with it the leadership of the nation. There can never be fewer than three grand marshals at a time to ensure that no stalemates occur when voting about important issues pertaining to the ruling of the country. However, there is no limit to how many grand marshals there can be at one time as long as their number is uneven. The record for the amount of grand marshals at one time is currently thirty-five.


A full education, a minimum of twenty years served in the military and exemplary behaviour.


This rank is granted to veterans of the military that are accomplished in a variety of ways. Combat expertise, tactical knowledge and a good education are all required. Furthermore they have to be at least forty years old.


A new grand marshal can be appointed in a number of ways. They can be hand picked by the other grand marshals at the time, or they can be recommended by other high ranking members of the military and then either approved or rejected. Unfortunately money also plays a big part in the appointment of a new grand marshal with bribery being a quite common way to get into the good graces of the current leadership.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A grand marshal can be dismissed if they are found guilty of misusing their power or corruption. However, it is very rare that this comes to light when most grand marshals are in agreement and they're also bribing other military personnel that works closely with them. As such it is fairly easy for them to misuse their power.
Equates to
A grand marshal is the equivalent of a king or queen for a kingdom or any type of ruler for a country.
Source of Authority
The other high ranking members of the military.
Length of Term
There is no set length of term, in fact it is rare for someone to retire once they have been given the rank.
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