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Sovereign of the Rose

The Highest rank of the Holy Order of Saint Rose the Sovereign is the absolute ruler of the theocratic nation of Corrlus.


Upon the death of the previous Sovereign a the Potentate of Light shall choose the next Sovereign. While Exemplars are the likeliest choice there have been a few occasions when a Knight was chosen from as supposed sign by the Saint herself.


The Sovereign governs the Holy Order of Saint Rose and is given nigh absolute power over the Order.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Should the Potentate of Light and at least six Exemplars proclaim the Sovereign unfit they may be deposed. There is also the possibility of all Potentates and Sovereign being deposed if there are thirteen Exemplars who gather and proclaim the higher ranks unfit.


Lord Paladin D'Ilchant overthrew King Corrlus XXII after the King opposed the local Knights of Saint Rose. After deposing the King rather than take the title himself Lord Rand DuIlchant built a theocratic state around the Knights of the Saint Rose.

Cultural Significance

The Sovereign is the first established ranking individual held within the Saint Rose faith. Before Lord Paladin D'Ilchant the Knights of the Saint Rose had either forsworn all titles or had ignored their rank. The creation of the Holy Order turned a small disorganized group of faithful into an established religion.

Notable Holders

Religious, Special
Rand D'Ilchant created the title in his thesis the Disputation of the Faithful on the Power and Efficacy of Monarchy
Alternative Naming
Sovereign, Holiness, Potentate of the Rose
Equates to
The Sovereign of the Rose could be considered a king or feudal lord as they are the leader of their theocracy. They are also the leader of the armies like a general of field marshal.
Source of Authority
The Saint Rose
Length of Term
First Holder
Related Locations

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