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Master of the Assembly

The Order of Bamboo is governed by the the Assembly of Bamboo. The Assembly is composed of 36 members, six each from the six historical divisions of the order. The members of the assembly are appointed by the directors of each division with the exception of the six ombudsmen who are chosen according to other procedures. The leader of the Assembly is known as the Master of the Assembly.


The Master must have served on the assembly for at least 5 years.


There is an election by the assembly for each new Master to be selected. Each Master serves for a period of 10 years. The appointment of a new Master is a holiday and a convocation of agents of Bamboo within the Knowing Iles . The election must be a greater majority (24 votes) and the new Master must receive at least three votes from every division. This leads to a long selection process.


The Master is responsible for casting the deciding vote in a disputed assembly decision, and otherwise acts as a chief operating officer and appoints a series of deputies to assist with the management of various business units of the organization for everything not at a division level.


Created as a position at the reorganization of the Order of Bamboo 83 years ago. Prior to it's inception there was only a Presiding Agent and no assembly. The effects of the The Plague of Silmora and the destruction of the Mystic Engines required a significant reorganization. It's reorganization was backed by the Host of the Nomele, the agents of the Colorless Monks, and begrudgingly the Knights of Order.
Alternative Naming
Head of the 36, Master of the Sixes, Master of Bamboo
Equates to
A company president.
Length of Term
Ten Years, with no opportunity for re-election, and a possible removal from office by the Assembly.
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