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  • The potential Mone must be trained by the current Malora (adviser).


  • The potential Mone must be in the family of the current Mone.
  • The potential Mone must be especially sensitive to O-Radiation.
  • The potential Mone must be O-Negative prior to their trial.
  • The potential Mone must not have mothered or fathered any children.
  • The current Mone must provide permission for the potential Mone to succeed them.
  • The current Mone must be in a situation where they will not be able to rule much longer.


The potential Mone must go through a trial that required them to traverse through a maze that can only be successfully completed by someone with incredibly sensitivity to O-Radiation. There are very small fragments of Oratic Crystal embedded into the ceiling of the correct path that only someone who can feel the small amounts of radiation can detect. If they cannot sense the radiation, they will likely die in the maze.

Once they reach the end of the maze, there is a large door leading into the temple, Sutol Derei, that they have to enter. The door is sealed with a puzzle lock, the answer to which is only passed down from the current Mone to a potential Mone that they trust with the answer. Once they correctly solve the puzzle, they have to enter the temple and walk down the corridor lined with statues of past Mona.

On the other side of the corridor is another large door that can simply be opened. This leads to a balcony overlooking highly Oratic water that the potential Mone must dive into, swim to the bottom, and grab an Oratic Crystal from the bottom. If they make it back to the civilization with the crystal, the patterns in the crystal are translated into LAO and that becomes their name. They can now become Mone.


The Mone is something of a religious leader. They have to participate in religious ceremonies, but also must perform royal duties such as handing relationships with outside groups, managing the supplies of food and materials, and provide a sense of hope and safety.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Mone typically wear a type of dress usually worn for ceremonies and holidays called a "Torane", which is a brightly colored, sleeveless robe with a silver trim and LAO-based designs. They also wear a type of tiara made of natural spires of Oratic Crystal.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Mone cannot be removed or dismissed from their position unless it is somehow proven that they do not actually have an Oratic sensitivity.


In 1974, the ruling Mone was named Auta Teia Paropi. At this time Achroma was in the process of capturing and containing all O-Positives to weed them out of society as a whole. In doing so, they'd also unearthed the Oratic Crystal deposit located in Sutol Prai, the hometown of Auta Teia, and exterminated the population, confiscating any crystal they came across. Auta Teia escaped with her 5-year-old daughter, Fera Teia, and her Malora, Miga La Su, to live in the wilderness for years. After Auta Teia's death in 1994, Fera Teia and Miga La would return to Sutol Prai so that Fera Teia could be crowned Mone and receive her third name. She would be named Fera Teia Temin, move to Iris Side, and have a child that she would call Kappa Teia, or Kaptain, and entrusted him with a couple he'd come to know as his parents.

Years later, Kaptain would come across the ruined civilization of Sutol, learn of his heritage, and become the new Mone, Kappa Teia Corian.

Notable Holders

Auta Teia Paropi

Fera Teia Temin

Kappa Teia Corian
Nobility, Hereditary
This title is still in effect, but for a long time there was no Mone to speak of until Kaptain Irving discovered the abandoned civilization of Sutol.
Equates to
An Ore Mone is the equivalent of a European King or Queen. They rule over a society of people and their royalty is based on blood relations.
Related Organizations
People of Ore
Source of Authority
A Mone's high sensitivity to O-Radiation is thought to be a sign of a strong spiritual connection to the local God, Orel.
Length of Term
Until the current Mone names a new Mone.
Current Holders
Related Locations

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