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Each branch of the Church is allowed their own Primate to act as a national leader. Currently, there are six Primates with the Primate in Verona being the first among equals. Though he is the head of the national church, Primates generally choose one church that they preside over specifically. Though it is an elected position, bishops hoping to become Primate will often try to curry favor with the other bishops. It is believed that Orrus guides the minds of the bishops in choosing a new leader and that the election process is to make sure the Devil can't enact too much sway on the Church. In reality, it is a highly politicized position, and radical or progressive Primates are rarely elected.


A candidate to become Primate must already be a bishop and receive a vote of confidence from three of his peers. He also must be in good standing with the Church and not have been previously accused of heresy or blasphemy. He must be at least fifty years old and have never married. While bishops cannot be married at the time of their appointment, there are cases of bishops having previously married.


The traditions for presenting a new Primate vary between regions. In Verona, there is a long memorial service for the previous leader before the new Primate is revealed and serves a celebratory liturgy. All the bishops are in attendance as well as the priests from the nearby churches. In Astoria, the new Primate is presented to the monarch before stepping out onto a balcony to greet the people.


As the leader of a flock, the Primate is expected to be an example of Neren's Teachings. He is expected to be humble and charitable and to lead his flock towards the righteous path.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Typically, the Primate only steps down from the title by dying, though if a Primate is found to be misrepresenting the Church or grossly overstepping his powers, it may be possible to issue an annulment and declare that he never really had Orrus' blessing. At that point, a new Primate could be chosen.
Religious, Clerical
Source of Authority
The Primate receives his power from Orrus, the Creator. He is believed to be uniquely blessed as a mediator between heaven and earth, though he remains mortal and fallible.
Length of Term
The Primate serves for life. While there have been suggestions that he might be able to retire, no one is quite sure how that process would play out.
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