Master archivar

While the SC - Head of the Capital is the highest political rank, the rank of master archivar is the greatest scientific rank. It does not only show the intelligence of its holder in a field but its overall capability of working in every possible field and being a scientist who would be able to create technical leaps by himself which help orcerta grow.   It is possible to be elected as a master archivar even without working as a scientist before, this, however, is very rare and only occurred twice. The most recent one being the case because the person found a way to refill saxum crystals without them reloading in a natural way. This caused a great leap in technical advancements because now saxum could be reused faster than ever before.


A Master Archivar has to excel in at least three scientific fields as well as he has to be knowledgeable of all other fields of science for a certain extend.


A Master Archivar has to work at least 10 years in a certain field and has to be recommended by the whole group of this field.


As a master archivar people have to gather to meetings discussing the future of orcerta. They also have to evaluate exorbitant projects and their use.


As a master archivar you get the benefit of getting every study sponsored by the city of mensus. This means, no matter how much money a research would cost, the archivar is allowed to use all funds necessary. Thought the head of capital of mensus still can interfere if there is something odd about it.

Academic, Professional
Alternative Naming
Master, Scientia
Source of Authority
the SC - Head of the Capital of Mensus is authorized to give this rank to someone.
Length of Term
A Master archivar is elected for a life time and remains as such even after another one got elected.
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