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Here comes his imperial majesty, Kaiser Werner I Vielendorf, gracious lord of the Verfande Empire and its many people, Duke of the provinces of Vielenberg, Eisenwälder and Ostmalchit, joint leader of the Pact of the Two Black Eagles! Ceremonial introduction of the current Kaiser, Werner the First


Unlike most monarchies within the old world, to become Kaiser doesn't just require being the crown prince and for the abdication or death of the current emperor. Three more criteria have to be met first before one can be proclaimed the new Kaiser:
  • The crown prince must be at least over 25 years old
  • The candidate has to complete studies at the National Imperial University in administration and law, as well as complete the officer's training in the Imperial General War Academy
  • No severe illnesses, physical or mental, can be present in the crown prince
These are to ensure that the future Kaiser is capable of efficiently working and representing the government.



After the death of the current monarch, the date for the coronation of the next one is scheduled at least a month later, to allow time for both the mourning for the passing of the old Kaiser and preparations to celebrate the ascendence of the crown prince to take his father's place. During it, the heir is presented with the "iron wreath" and the two other crucial regalias of imperial power: the sceptre, considered among the Verfande nation to be the symbol of peaceful rule; and the sword, in this case, a broadsword, seen as the manifestation of good valour and victory in war. The whole event takes place in the chapel of the Wasshielerberg state palace. Afterwards, the new Kaiser is presented to the crowds outside, where members of the parliament bestow a red mantle upon him, which represents the approval of the people for his lordship over them. He is then paraded through the city.


The Kaiser is the main official representative of the Kaiserreich on the world stage, dealing personally with international affairs of the state, additionally advised by his cabinet. He also acts as the internal figurehead of the nation and government, although holding no real executive power. Besides, he tends to the more ceremonial parts of life within the empire, like the opening of churches, public service buildings, etc.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Crowns

The most characteristic insignia of any monarch on Aon is their crown. Just like a few others, there are two imperial crowns for the Kaiser:
  • Coronation crown (left) - often called "the iron wreath", it is the more recognizable of the two crowns due to its coronation legacy.
  • State crown (right) - the official crown, worn by the Kaiser during foreign state visits.
by © Mathieu CHAINE


The title was created alongside the official founding of the Verfande Kaiserreich. As specified within the imperial proclamation, it was to be taken by the current ruler of the Vielenberg Dukedom.

Cultural Significance

Winsern perception

The title is of imperial rank, which significantly dignifies both the individual holding it and the state under him. The impact this has had a large impact on the Verfande nation's cultural perception of themselves. The era of the empire is hailed as the most prosperous in history of the Winsern people, as it had inspired great works of art and literature. Since the Kaisers were always at the helm of it all, they often were heavily referenced in the mentioned works, as important and almost crucial to the very existance of the new cultural heritage of the empire. This derives from the fact most Kaisers influenced artistic circles with their patronage, whether it was for propagandistic purposes or simply good will.
Portrait of one of the previous Kaisers
Nobility, Hereditary
The title is still fully in effect
Proclamation of the Verfande Kaiserreich; Grand Statement of the Verfande People (constitution)
Alternative Naming
Equates to
It can be said it generally equates to the monarch in power, however, there is a clear divide between imperial and kingly power within the world and thus, more specifically, it is the same as an emperor (with which it is often used interchangeably) or anyone else with an imperial ranked title
Source of Authority
Divine right as well as the general approval of the people
Length of Term
For life

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