Grand Emperor of Karadia

Grand Emperors of Karadia are an apex of Imperium. Absolute, despotic rulers - ruling with an authority of being chosen by Imperial Gods to oversee their domain in the Light. Which doesn't prevent coups and civil wars to occur with frightening frequency, as becoming a Grand Emperor equals having an almost absolute power over Karadia as a whole, limited only by efficiency of imperial beaurocracy and a military power to enforce their will.   In fact, however, most Emperors are masterful politics and judges rather than bloodthirsty warlords, respecting a great number of self-imposed restraints, believing that law of Imperium is more important to Imperial Gods than the person on the throne. He is merely a person that is supposed to enforce them.


In most cases simply being a son of former Emperor and not having traits (homosexualism, insanity, infertility, not being an adherent of Imperial Temple) that make Council of Electors veto your election by 50% of votes.   If there are no potential heirs, the Council of Electors choses someone else. Pretty much at random - in most cases there are hundreds if not thousands candidates for the throne, coming from a variety of backgrounds. All you need is a backer - a nobility from Grand Duke up, high ranked beaurocrats and Temple. Lawmen and diplomats (especially lower nobles, since no Electors wishes to see their rivals risen so far up) are preferred.


Men, from 16 years old up. Regardless of species. Women from species were gender roles are reversed (meaning Succubi, mostly) or more equal (Darklings and so on) are accepted as well, though much rarer.   Only when completely new Imperator is chosen, otherwise the Council of Electors chooses from his children. The first one that doesn't receive a 51% veto becomes new Grand Emperor. The vote goes from eldest son to youngest son, then his brothers and their sons (unless he was the first one to become an Imperator, and his brothers does not come from one of them), then oldest daughter to youngest, and then late Imperator daughter from oldest to youngest.

Accoutrements & Equipment

[justify[An Imperial Codex. A massive repository of knowledge about statecraft, including subjects like military, agriculture and so on. Created by Gods and, because of that, infallible unless somebody makes errors in executing the words of the Codex. Only Grand Emperors, their children and Brotherhood of Crows have access to the Codex. All Imperators are expected to spend a lot of time reading through it after being elected.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

By knife to the back or poison. In rarer cases (with confirmed insanity, Corruption or simply being incapable due to old age and so on) he can be voted out of the imperial seat by Imperial Senate, but that's extremely rare.

Nobility, Hereditary
Alternative Naming
Imperator of Karadia.
Source of Authority
Imperial Religion
Length of Term
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