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The White Tiger of Formosa

A sacred incarnation of a true ruler.

Respected and feared, loose yet refined, the White Tiger of Formosa is the supreme leader of their great land. Although much can be said about their strength in command or their governance of their people, none can resist the reality that they are ruthless in their goals to advance the stature of the Formosan people.


To be crowned as the White Tiger of Formosa, one must be the eldest born to the lineage of the throne in Formosa.


When the previous White Tiger passes away, the next in line inherits the throne. If the inheritor has not yet come of age, or their advisers feel they are not prepared to govern, a regent can be elected in their stead to wield control until such time where the inheritor comes of age. If no heir is apparent, a special council is convened to decide the next inheritor.


Fulfill the safety, security, and purity of the Formosan Empire. Create large-scale plans for the country, denote where cities should be built, deal with the highest level government functions, as well as loosely commanding the armies.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The only instances of removal or dismissal of a White Tiger have been coup attempts. Although these have happened numerous times in the past several hundred years, all coups have only been temporarily successful, and the lineage has been able to maintain itself for the most part unscathed.

Cultural Significance

In the east of Rakuen, the White Tiger is both respected and feared in equal measure, depending on the context. Those in Opalesce see the White Tiger and Formosa as allies, in a similar circumstance as they are both countries bordered by the massive Confederation. Although the two nations have contact only be way of ocean trade, Opalesce tends to align goals with Formosa and respects their leader's craft greatly.   The Confederation hates the White Tiger. For hundreds of years, they have sought territory from Formosa, and ever yet has Formosa held firm, sometimes even conquering swathes of land from the Confederation itself. The White Tiger is sometimes held as a modicum of evil, sometimes as an idiot savant, and sometimes as a true genius of tactics and politics, depending on who you ask.   Ezo values the White Tiger, but is always wary. The intertwined nature of Ezo and Formosa means that Ezo has special access, and they know the strange magics that only the Formosan rulers are capable of coordinating. On one hand, they respect the White Tiger: his powers, generally high intelligence, and generally neutral disposition make him a fair and just ally in political affairs. But there is also a vague anxiety, a worry that if Formosa wanted to, the White Tiger could descend upon Ezo swiftly, without warning, and in greater numbers than Ezo would be able to defend.   Outside of the east, the White Tiger is relatively unknown. However, they are greatly respected in the Holy Empire to the west, as the Imperator Draconis views the White Tiger in high favour, as he sees the role of his own family and empire as parrallel. Because of this, the Holy Empire values the refined structure of the White Tiger, while also seeing him as a rival in their eventual conquest of the entire world.
Nobility, Hereditary
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