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Emissaries to the Twelve

The highest officials in Pavilion authority were not promoted to their roles - they were born to them. The emissaries of the Twelve speak directly for the Paragons they represent, traveling where the gods cannot and interpreting their will to the people of Khasrana. These nine beings are not of any known mortal race, but are instead some kind of elemental entities that reflect the form of their patrons. For the most part, one emissary speaks for one Paragon - the exceptions being Kujata and Kuribu, Paragons of war and peace, who are represented by one emissary, and Khasrana and Naught who are not represented.
  The elemental emissaries are endowed with a sliver of the power of their Paragon, which they use to demonstrate and, if needed, enforce their patron's will across Khasrana. As mages they surpass almost every mortal of the realm, but as of yet they seem uninterested in using this power for anything other than helping the people and doing the will of the Twelve. They do not even seem particularly self-aware or independent, with the exceptions of Aidan and Loman, whose stations require them to be able to think like the people they serve.
  The current emissaries are as follows:
Loman, emissary to Mainyu the Judge
Leir, emissary to Glasya the Learned
Monach, emissary to Forgall the Domitor
Aidan, emissary to Kujata the Fireheart and Kuribu the Silent
Sylvia, emissary to Melusine the Vibrant
Aislinn, emissary to Kaliya the Vanguard
Ciaran, emissary to Cosmia the Ascendant
Lainn, emissary to Bennu the Fearsome
Ronah, emissary to Irminsul the Resplendent
Civic, Diplomatic
The emissaries appeared about five years ago, at a time when public understanding of the Twelve was reaching a low. It is thought that the emissaries were created by the Twelve to help the people better understand the Twelve as well as each other.
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