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Master Sage

Among the Myrisic Sages, there are a number of Master Sages who have served a long time in the pursuit of knowledge and made many contributions to the Great Library. They are the most respected inside the organization, and outside the organization they are often the final word on all disputes about a particular morsel of knowledge being argued over. This is due to the incredible amount of studying which a Master Sage must undergo in the process of chasing the title. Few honestly want the title as badly as when they begun the journey, simply because it stops meaning as much along the way.


To become a Master Sage, naturally one must be a Sage in good standing with the organization and have curated a collection worthy of admission into the Great Library's deep vaults. This is the first step, and perhaps the easiest one along the road.


As discussed, the first requirement is to be a Sage who has curated a collection added to the deep vaults of the Great Library. This usually constitutes four dozen writings or other objects of note, which are often about a particular topic or share a theme. A great many would consider this the easiest step along the path, as the following ones are a matter of good fortune as well as personal relations. Once the collection has been added, the current Master Sages must agree unanimously at their annual meeting the Sage in question deserves the chance to be added to their number. Since Master Sages are not compelled to attend this meeting, nor punished for avoiding attending, often times it becomes impossible to have a unanimous approval.
Lastly, the candidate must create a grimoire detailing their collection and examining each book or object carefully. The goal is to have a definitive description and index of what the collection contains which will assist those working in the Great Library in finding particular objects within.


A Master Sage is responsible for reviewing the collections in the Great Library, either the curated ones of Sages which have been acquired or independent acquisitions. There is also an annual meeting at the autumnal equinox to discuss what new collections to add to the deep vaults and review a list of things acquired during that year. These are the only explicitly given responsibilities, and the Master Sages are free to pursue their own research as they wish.
Academic, Honorific
Length of Term
Appointed for Life


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