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The Witch-Knights of Malcolm Krow

In Malcolm Krow's warlord army there is a position respected by all. That position are Krow's Witch-Knights, his elite force of warriors that in addition to their martial prowess and tactical mastery they hold sway over the Covenant and the destructive magic it offers. These wizard soldiers exist to protect and serve Malcolm Krow and armed not only with magic and their skills but with the entire armory of Krow's these Witch-knights have access to jashite, a magic enhancing drug, and firearms, weapons of destruction or Malcolm's own creation. With all this they are a deadly force 200 hundred strong that strike fear even in the barbarians on the other side of the continent. Deadly and cunning they take on the clandestine missions that a normal unit of soldiers couldn't handle like assassinations, exploring Fal Morum, monstrous threats, etc.


The person seeking to be a Witch-Knight must be: part of Malcolm Krow's army, a seasoned warrior and expert  mage. Being a Witch-Knight demands equal parts physical and magical as well as tactical skill and a honed mind.


Witch-Knights are chosen personally by Malcolm Krow to be his personal bodyguards and a secret task force.


Protect Warlord Malcolm Krow, and follow his orders to the letter.


Access to nigh unlimited capital and rare resources like jashite and firearms.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Betraying Malcolm Krow, his principles and ideals, your fellow Witch-Knights, or anyone tied to Krow's army.

Cultural Significance

Tales of the Witch-Knights have spread all over Altir. In Kingsmarch, historians and priests recall Sar Danitharn's War-mages, and to some radical members of the monarchy the Witch-Knights even represent a possible rebirth of another Monarchy.    To the lords of the Drowned Lands the knights represent change and deviation from the status quo they have had for centuries.    On a grander scale, the Witch-Knights as mages are changing the view on users of the Covenant as a whole. As both martial and magical masters, the Witch-Knights have nearly shattered the trope of wizened old men buried in tomes and ancient manuscripts.

Notable Holders

Azrick Steel-hand, First of the Order
Magical, Professional
Witch-Knights are used everyday by Malcolm Krow to devastating effect.
The Witch-Knights were founded when Krow's second in command, Azrick, choose fifty men to train as mobile, versatile, and powerful force.
Alternative Naming
Spellswords, Witchblades
Equates to
In Malcolm's eyes his Witch-Knights are akin to a Lord of the Drowned Lands or an aasimar of one of the four gods of Altir. This may differ from organization to organization but the Old Krow doesn't invest much stock in other organizations or nations. His Witch-Knights are the perfect soldier in his eye and deserve as much respect as a lord or better said: a trusted friend.
Source of Authority
Malcolm Krow, Warlord of the Drowned Lands
Length of Term
Till death or inability to fight
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