Kvarlo the Weird

Kvarlo the Weird is one of the upper-echelon members of the House of Sorrows, he works under the employ of Glistering Gabriel, and before that worked directly with Brood Blood-Kyn.

He has a very specific focus on using Selschaeus to modify the anatomy of an entity through witchcraft, in a way similar to Therianthropy but without the need of creatures.

The visceral disaster of flesh and bone oozed and slithered in my direction. Parts of it skittered ahead of the rest on overly-jointed fingers ending in teeth, and the sound of its gut gurgling as it dragged itself across the floor sounded like laughter.

"You seem out of sorts, Sorrow," the Abomination said. Its voice was as clear as anyone's, void of the horror of its countenance. Its accent was rich and clear, each syllable enunciated with a slow, narrative grace.

"I'm just... impressed with the power of Sel, and your evident command over it. You have crafted quite the form of it for yourself."

"The shaping of Sel is a mutual process, young Sorrow. You will do well to make note of that. Now, come with me. We must begin your training."


From the Bog

Becoming a Sathiid

Joining the Nchraementho

Becoming a Kyzan

The Harrowing

Creating the Eater of Liars

Kvarlo breaks Needle for Brood

Betrayal by His Pupils

An Age of Silence

The Reclamation of FalguMer'rh

A Steel Tomb

Kvarlo's Tomb is discovered. Multiple attempts are made to destroy him, but they all fail. Ultimately, they place a thick dome over the area, and seal him in to contain his power.

The Reclamation Era

Exhumation by Gabriel

Gabriel opens the tomb and digs Kvarlo out

Induction into the New Sorrows


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