Raptor Feast

Kyzan's men were forced to watch as the Amir raptors descended on his sprawled and bound form and ate him alive, tearing away at his tender flesh before digging into the deeper meats. It took hours for him to die, and even after that his men were forced to watch his corpse bloat and gather flies. If they slept they were cut by azukenda warriors until they woke again.

— Historic Account


A Raptor Feast is an ancient Amir method of execution practiced during the Tremulous Era. In it, the subject of the execution was tied down and the tribe's raptors would eat them alive. This process was often prolonged, as the raptors would first devour the extremities, starting at the hands and feet and working towards the torso, whereupon the victim was disemboweled and devoured from within. This was typically the execution reserved for major rivals of the tribe or heinous transgressions of their laws.

In Modern Times

While this is not openly practiced or mentioned in any measure it is rare that any ritual ever leaves the long memory of the Verin and falls entirely out of practice.

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Ceremonial Rope
Leather ropes braided together and festooned with black and white beads. The executed is bound and has hooks set in their mouth to hold it open for the Raptors.

More rope may have been tied around their throat to protect it from the raptors and prolong the executed's suffering.

The method of binding varied from tribe to tribe. Some would bind the executed with only their head revealed, some would lay them out sprawled and exposed with their throat protected, and others might hang them by their ankles instead.

The rope was traditionally not washed between uses.


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