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Marae du Nort

Marae du Nort is the La Reina of NouBordeaux. She secured power during the Manne-Kyn revolution of the planet, and has maintained it ever since.

She is a renown leader, famous for always knowing the exact person for a job and how to talk people into it. It is said that there's little going on on NouBordeaux that she is not aware of.

The Jewel of NouBordeaux, the Queen of the Argent Throne, La Reine. You cannot pretend that she is one us common folk, and, to her credit, neither does she. She sees all, she knows all, and she knows the solution to every problem. She's the leader of the Hospitaliers, and her reach extends into every room and beyond every shadow.


Current Location
Femme Female
Ruled Locations


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