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WayPoints are massive rings suspended in space, each approximately 2.5 kilometers in diameter.

They tend to be found tidally-locked in Lagrangian points. They are artificial wormholes with different destinations depending on which side you enter the ring from. Example: if you enter the Via Lactea WayPoint from its solar radial you will travel to the Pillar Spoke WayPoint, and if you enter from the anti-radial side you will travel to the Andromeda WayPoint.

One side of a ring can be inactive while the other is active. If both sides of a WayPoint are inactive then the ring will be empty. When only one side is inactive the inactive side will be purely black, and a mysterious force will repel any vessel trying to enter it.

One side of a WayPoint is activated when you travel to it from another WayPoint. The other side is activated when you approach it with an Index.

Cover image: Wayhall by Ademal


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