Purpose Flower

A poison of the mind, body, and soul. Akjhedeluth makes you clear headed as it eats your brain. It makes you strong even as it hollows you out. It fulfills your purpose even though you haven't done anything.

  Akjhedeluth, known also as Akjhe is a flowering, lambent moss which once grew natively in the humid desert caves of Kajh-Tai, but which has since been adapted to nearly every conceivable environment. There are differences in potency, texture, glow, color, and flowers between each strain.   It is a potent drug which particularly affects Sazashi by enhancing their Akjhe. Its spores are psychotropic, neurotropic, and opiate, and contain a compound which, when purified, burned, and inhaled, makes the smoker feel very at peace with their choices. This effect is particularly potent in Sazashi because it fulfills their Akjhe.   Ever present in the lives of the Hiserabi, Akjhe is the wildcard drug that began in the deserts of Kajh-Tai and were gradually moved to the forests of Nege. It's effects are difficult to pin down, seemingly incredibly dependent on the environment, so much so that one patch of Akjhe on one tree can have an entirely different effect than another patch just a couple feet away.   Akjhe is an upper and a downer, it can make you hallucinate or reach nirvana.   It is also incredibly poisonous. The fumes are harmless, if dizzying, but when burned taking more than a few lungfuls can cause seizures, catatonia, and cardiac arrest, among other symptoms. Hiserabi are immune to this effect, and it can be avoided with a simple gas-mask or with some purification.

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2 Dec, 2020 08:18

I love the fact that it's a moss... I feel like people don't really look outside of flowers or mushrooms for drugs. It's a nice idea!

5 Dec, 2020 19:02

People don't realize how much of the world can get you lit!

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5 Dec, 2020 22:20

Everything. Sometimes only once lol

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