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Purpose Flower

A addictive, psychoactive flower native to the Kajh-Tai region but since adapted to many Jhoutaioan ecosystems. Of great cultural and religious importance to some sects of Jhoutaioan faith, especially the faiths of Hiserabi.

Purpose Flower grows in the upper thermocline of the corralums of the Kajh-Tai Region, where the arid subterranean canopy gives way to the cool and humid understory. It grows exclusively from nitrogen substrates, such as cave moss, and pollinates on the shells of rutas. It is fairly poisonous, and infamous for the psychadelic properties.

Left to its own devices, Ah'hei would never have grown far beyond its home of the Idsartan Knurl of northwestern Kajh-Tai. However, its use as a drug made it a key part of Kajh-Tai's slave trade during the reign of the Valuser'ran Supremacy, in which used the drug to condition and addict slaves, confining them to the region naturally by the specificity of Ah'hei growing conditions.

To counter this, Negenani druids cultivated new varieties of Ah'hei to grow world-wide, so that addicts could return to their homeland and begin the healing process. Unfortunately, this only turned the addiction into a global phenomenon which persists even today, passing on through bloodlines and new addicts alike. It is particularly effective on Sazashi, whose Ah'hei it satisfies and nullifies—giving the flower its namesake.

Sazashi Name
Ah'heideluth, Akjhe
Subtropical Corralum
Geographic Distribution


Purpose flower is our opportunity to at last break free of that most famous of Verin shackles, the Ah'hei itself. Even in small doses, it allays our drive, and allows us to live normally.

It's easy to denigrate it, if you willfully focus misrepresent its downsides as insurmountable and ignore what good it can do.

What's an Agonist?

Although purpose flower was notorious as the drug used to enslave the Negenani—Hiserabi in particular, it grew to highlight a longstanding divergence in the predominant faiths and philosophies of the era, which handled the intersection of Ah'hei and free will (a topic of great conviction to most Sazashi) in a variety of ways.

These divisions began long before anyone could name the cause. Around 17205, as word spread through the world that Kajh-Tai scientists had developed a drug uniquely capable of highjacking Ah'hei, the rift began. The very strength Sazashi spirit was called into question by the ability of a mere flower to ensare it.

This existential fear drew a line in the budding sciences by association. Biochemistry came to be seen as profane, and by association many of the medical sciences as well. They were likened to Kyzanry and Vadekendanic witchcraft, and Rajhska Knights were all too happy to enforce a rise in superstitious laws with their usual brand of violence—even as the governments they served did worse in private.

On the public face of this, a pair of collaborators.

Purpose Flower fills the mind with delusions and makes the insignificant feel revelatory. It makes you feel accomplished without action and wise without experience.

It is a paltry substitute for your life, but it will consume it. If it must be used, do so sparingly, to broaden the mind rather than close it.

What's an Antagonist?


It is a potent drug which particularly affects Sazashi by enhancing their Ah'hei. Its spores are psychotropic, neurotropic, and opiate, and contain a compound which, when purified, burned, and inhaled, makes the smoker feel very at peace with their choices. This effect is particularly potent in Sazashi because it fulfills their Ah'hei.

Ah'hei is an upper and a downer, it can make you hallucinate or reach nirvana.

It is also incredibly poisonous. The fumes are harmless, if dizzying, but when burned taking more than a few lungfuls can cause seizures, catatonia, and cardiac arrest, among other symptoms. Hiserabi are immune to this effect, and it can be avoided with a simple gas-mask or with some purification.

As a Drug
For each portion of Purpose Flower imbibed, gain 1 SDR for the duration of the high and gain a Rank of Drugged: Ah'hei. If you are a Sazashi, this process counts and fulfilling a Mantra.

Cover image: Ah'heideluth Purpose Flower by Ademal via Midjourney


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