Kajh-Tai, Region

The Lands of Strength

Framed within the harsh deserts and jagged corralum peaks, the life of Kajh-tai eeks out its existence with no intention of relenting. While the surface appears windswept and inhospitable, a rich and hardy ecology thrives below the crusted dirt and coral.

The corralum caves below slosh with water, fueling the life above. The natural patterns of Jhoutai create an always-ebbing tide of life, death, and rebirth.

The deserts, corralums, and deep chasms of the Kajh-Tai Region have molded a rugged, exotic, and alien ecosystem, even when compared to the rest of Jhoutai.

The land of Kajh-tai is inconquestable, it can never truly be mastered.

Even the Kajh have to preen their cities constantly or face collapse beneath the sands and storms.

But where Sophontic life carves its way out of the deserts, the native flora and fauna have evolved to survive on the natural cycles of the land.

— Sazashi Anthropologist


Comprising the area to the west of Valuser’rh and east of the Rotenagr’ra, the Kajh-Tai Region is on the ground level, a mix of rocky mountains to the north and south, and high altitude steppes in the middle.

These steppes and plateaus hold some of the largest Corralum formations on the planet. Large enough to contain both the Rak’kolithar Geode and the largest known underground river that runs from the bottom of the Idsartan Knurl down to the ocean.

Creatures from the surface of the Kajh-Tai Region are hardy, sparse, and dangerous. Creatures native to below the surface have adapted to use the massive water flows and spaces contained beneath the coral to survive. What life survives on the surface draws its waters from the twisting corralum tunnels below.

Kajh-Tai named after the Kajh people
Primary Countries
Jhoutaioan Coral Formations
Table Coral, Coral Chasms
Highest Peak
Idsartan Crest at 12310 Feet

Notable Subregions

Idsartan Knurl

A high plateau broken in the middle by the Idsartan Mountain range, at base elevation, the land is a cold desert with abundant soil and minerals. Large cave systems spiderweb downwards into the mountains until they meet corralums to the south

Yak'kolithar Geode

Jhoutai's largest natural Geode Coral, this underground formation is large enough to host its own ecosystems within the hardened shells and crystals.

Vamithar Bay

A large inland-reaching sea, the Vamithar bay not only allow ships to travel inland towards the Yak-kolithar Geode, but also hosts the mouth of the Subterrian Highway. It is the largest trade-port of the region, and hosts a rich wild-life beneath the surface.

The Subterrian Highway

A massive underground river carves its way through the entirity of the Kajh-Tai region, made stable by hardened erosion-resistant corallum. This waterflow promotes life both on the surface above and the corralum below.

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