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Popularized by the Vadakendanic Procession, a Sepulchre is a vault in which a Divinorium is entombed. Their sizes range from tens to hundreds of feet, depending on their placement and the status of the Monolith before their death.

They are hollow, with a chamber from which the Divinorium generates and exhales meta. To protect the Divinorium, they are full of traps, dangers, and wards to prevent pillaging. Some are well-guarded, as well.




Memorials are small, usually used for less radiant Monoliths. They have space for a few tricky traps, but are usually positioned in locations where they're easily monitored.


Temples are large, ornate complexes commemorating the Monolith within and sharing their wisdom with the world. They are often places of knowledge and worship.


Not all Monoliths die with a good name, but a hated Monolith can serve penitence in death in these obscure. Many lack a likeness to their inhabitant, and many more are cruel caricature.

Abandoned Monolithic Monument by Ademal / Artbreeder / Unsplash

Known Sepulchres


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