A Psiolic and Cathartic who figured out how to create a feedback loop in a spell by using the sound of a spell as the music for turning it into a music spell. He is not the first to do this, but he is the most talented at it.   Crescendo's allegiance is to Nege, but not to Debuk'wah, because he finds Debu's neutrality revolting. Nege could be so much more advanced, it could even rule the world.   Like Immundus to Ultus, it is not a secret that Crescendo wants to see the Pillar dead. Supporters from all sects lend weight to his will. Thinking his demise is, for once, possible, Debu meets with the other Pillars. They know their eventual fall is inevitable with time, and decide to train viable replacements. If their morals are meant to live then they will.   Crescendo learns of this and, against the warnings of Immundus and Brood, allows Debu to train ThousandStrike; fully aware of his potential. ThousandStrike is much his elder, but as are Brood and Immundus, his trainers.   The world cannot continue on its own devices. The Pillars must work together to lead it.


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