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The Mootfeast is a holiday and fesitival that originated in the ValuSelu Pact. The purpose of the Mootfeast is to promote unity through culture at the same time as the Council meets to discuss political manners in the Council City.


The Mootfeast typically lasts an entire day and includes three community feasts in which everyone is encouraged to participate.

If you get the change to get to Jhoutai during a mootfeast, you best prepare to roll home. Sazashi food from every corner of the world, in a quantity that'd put most foodies to shame.

A Yearly Event

The Mootfeast always lines up with the second meeting of the Council in the Council City. Every Vauselu Pact holding holds a massive community gathering to celebrate the ratification of the Valuselu Pact, as well as celebrate the strength and cultural value that each Sazashi Kinds nation holds.  

The Great Feasts

The major event of the Mootfeast is the feasts themselves. Two feasts occur, one during midday and another during the evening. These feasts operate as regulated potlucks, where the best chefs from each Sazashi kind represent their own culniary contributions.


Off World

Most ValuSelu Pact holdings organize their own Mootfeasts, and while none can compete with the sheer planetary scale of the Jhoutai feast, the unification message is as powerful no matter the size of the colony.

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