The Leisures of Desire

The Seven Hedon Princes

Written by Barron

The Leisures of Desire are the Seven Princes of Desire, each tasked to lead a different part of the culture of government.  

History of the Princes

When Hedon first formed, it was with a massive secession. Powers from every existing Banner left and joined this new powerhouse. The resulting universal power vacuum gave The Apple of Hedonism a chance to secure it's power and economy.   Desire needed to form a stable government and she did so by granting the most powerful amongst her ranks the title of "Prince." These princes skills were put to work on one certain area of government. With the strongest minds and bodies in fitting positions of power, Hedon solidified as a Banner in weeks.  

The Evolution of Power

A Prince's position is always at risk, if someone betters them then they are replaced by whomever beat them. This causes the Princes to constantly strive to maintain their power and improve, lest they grow lazy and find themselves ousted or killed.   Many Princes such as Bel-Shaz'zr have retained their position since the beginning of the Banner, being so powerful that it almost seems impossible to overthrow them. Desire constantly seeks to force challenges to these long-standing princes, believing that if they are not challenged, then they will in turn challenge her.  

Running the Affairs

Since each of the princes are responsible for one affair of Hedon's government, most princes have duties to fulfill.   Bel-Shaz'zr often runs Shalegkua fights to determine power struggles within the government, as well as for entertainment and income.   Lady Voracious, Prince of Indulgence runs a portion of Hedon's Propaganda Machine. She primarily recruits those looking to partake in the pleasures that Hedon provides. Many of the largest Hotel Californias are operated directly by her.   Lord Saul, Prince of Greed operates as the treasury and economic oversight of Hedon. He manages the affairs of the largest corporations in Hedon, and ensures that they are operating above board.   Selukhan, Prince of Justice is in charge of maintaining the law of Hedon. He instructs lower courts and passes judgement on the most capital of offenses. Considering the few rules of Hedon, Selukhan's involvement primarily deals with egregious cases of breaking Consent.

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