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Meissner Skates

Meissner Skates, also know as gravity skates, gravskates, talaria, or most commonly as skates, are a semi-common form of transportation in Ethnis. They suspend the wearer up to a meter above the ground, frictionless save for air resistence.

Skates are paired with a secondary tool, called the reins, which is used to generate thrust.

Skates vary in size, power, and utility. The most common model is the small, low-powered civilian models useless outside of city roads. There are also bulkier, more high-powered variants popular with prospectors and the militaries.


There are several styles of using skates.


Using thruster poles, the wearer navigates two separate thrusters, called skiis by hand or with a single, large-pole variant called a Venitian. High control, low speed, good battery, med skill, low fashion.

Light Blades
With jets built into the boots, these offer the most nuanced control without sacrificing hands. They are used like roller skates. High control, med speed, high fashion, low battery, high skill.

A forward-facing forked pole pulls the user forward. Low control, high speed, high battery, med skill, med fashion.


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Kor-Tar skimmed along the ashen salt flats of Hell's Cauldron, trailed by the wan, smokey trail of his wake of dust. In the fading light, the cyan glow of his skates made him a shooting star in a glittering cosmos of salt crystals.

Ahead of him, galloping soundlessly, a hologram steed marked the end of his chariot reins. The kinetic field at its tip drew him forward just a bit faster than he could ever hope to run.

A gravity bike would have been faster, but wouldn't have fit through customs.


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