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The Kkrinth Karst

The Kkrinth Karst is a region of soft stone and high-water flow located in the north-western section of the Kytherian central continent. It is one of the most biologically active zones on the planet, with more species discovered than even the Lōtos Karstway Basin. Massive underground caverns continue to grow and wind as water eats away through the soft rock and creates mazes of living cave networks.
The Karst is one of those "must-see" places in Kytheria. Rivers and appear and disappear like fish in a pond, caves that spiral into the earth and teem with all mannerisms of life.


Pillars of sandstone rise above flowing valleys taking on shapes fantastic and unnatural as Kytherias rivers carve their masterpiece into the soft hillsides. An entire ecology supports itself on the verdant valleys, with some avian creatures taking refuge in the over-arching peaks of the sandstone pillars.


Below the surface, a massive cave system with underground rivers supports lifeforms that range from stealthy to downright flamboyant. Bioluminencent creatures flock to the waterside, creating green and blue rivers that cast writhing lines of light on the stalagtite-pocked cielings. Larger creatures swim the river, presenting danger to both the creatures along the river, as well as any tourist or adventurer traveling by boat.

Dangerous Life

Larger predators tend to slink around the rivers, feasting of the many smaller creatures which come to take a drink. These creatures come in many shapes, but a few of them are capable of bringing down unprepared or unfortunate thrill-seekers. Though a larger danger in the caves of the Karst is getting lost in the sprawling cave networks, or falling into one of the many sink-hole water-falls.

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Come take a dive through the exotic depths of Kytheria. Never have you seen lightshows so brilliant and natural!
— Kkrinth Tourism Board


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